The technology and talent pool to support you during emergencies.


CareRev was built to solve emergency staffing challenges like today's.

With proven success in enabling hospitals to efficiently meet volatile staffing demands, CareRev is ready and well-equipped to help you respond to the emergency staffing needs brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. Our modern staffing and technology solutions are quick to implement, flexible, and highly efficient.


What do we do?

CareRev is a staffing technology solution that enables hospitals and health systems to create a more efficient and flexible workforce. By providing modern, mobile-friendly technology and building a local talent pool on your behalf, we help you respond to volatile staffing demands faster. You simply post a shift in CareRev, a professional books it through our mobile app, and the shift is filled - in a fraction of the time it normally takes you.


What makes us different?

  1. We prioritize your ability to leverage your internal resources before tapping into ours.
  2. When you leverage our resource pool, you can trust that CareRev professionals undergo a rigorous vetting process and have proven to be of higher quality than traditional sources.
  3. Our lightweight solution makes implementation fast and simple - no IT or integrations required.
  4. We use technology to remain nimble and efficient, making it easier for us to configure a solution that meets your needs.



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Local talent pool built for you

To strengthen your workforce, we recruit and maintain a local talent pool of fully vetted healthcare professionals in the specialties you need. Once qualified, they can view and book per diem shifts in the CareRev mobile app. When internal resources have been exhausted, the shift automatically cascades to our professionals and they can book it within minutes.

Internal resource optimization

We provide modern, mobile-friendly technology to help you efficiently mobilize your own professionals from areas of low patient demand to high patient demand, enabling you to optimize your internal resources first. When a sudden surge hits, you can act fast and transfer professionals to the departments and units most in need.

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Small footprint with easy implementation

No complex integrations or heavy IT involvement required for implementation - our solution can be configured to meet your staffing and on-boarding requirements in weeks, not months.

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Modern, easy-to-use interface

Skip the clunky, confusing interfaces of older solutions and make your processes more efficient with a solution that is quick to understand and simple for any professional to use.