Solve healthcare staffing shortages

Hire local, flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals on-demand using advanced AI technology to optimize your budget and meet staffing demands.

Smart Rates

Save money and increase coverage to meet healthcare staffing demands

CareRev's Smart Rates uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to recommend hourly shift rates based on market demand and past performance. This empowers your healthcare facility to control labor costs while meeting healthcare staffing demands.


How hospitals and health systems use CareRev

Post a shift

Use the CareRev app to post shifts requesting Registered Nurses, CNAs, Medical Assistants, or Surgical or Radiology Techs.

Engage eligible healthcare professionals

Local, flexible, pre-qualified healthcare professionals get a notification via the CareRev app on their smartphone when you post a shift.

A professional claims and works your shift

A qualified healthcare professional claims your shift through the CareRev app and works their shift at your facility.

CareRev handles payments

CareRev pays healthcare professionals directly on your behalf.

Why it works

Unparalleled efficiency

Fill shifts in one seamless process. No travel contracts. No agencies.

Controlled costs

Manage costs by scheduling per diem shifts according to patient demand.

Complete compatibility

CareRev works with your existing protocols and vendor relationships.

Qualified professionals

Our fully-vetted healthcare professionals come work-ready with at least one year of experience.


What our customers say

“Because CareRev has helped us streamline onboarding and get healthcare professionals in the door faster, we now feel confident about reducing our reliance on long-term external staffing contracts and instead leveraging our local community of professionals.”

“CareRev is transforming our workforce by giving us a cost effective and flexible staffing option that allows us to efficiently address fluctuating patient volumes. We can more fully optimize our internal clinical staff while utilizing what is, in effect, our own qualified local per diem pool as needed.”


Reduce facility expenses without sacrificing patient coverage or quality of care


Used Smart Rates AI technology to recommend hourly shift rates based on market demand and past performance


Cut Mount Sinai’s labor costs by 7% and filled shifts 25% faster

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How it's different

Our SaaS solution empowers you to engage healthcare professionals where they are and fill shifts at scale so your patients get help faster.
  • Post shifts any time, anywhere, on any internet-connected device.
  • Communicate directly with healthcare professionals and view their credentials on-demand.
  • Engage your internal float pool and CareRev professionals in one place.
  • Easily schedule precepting for professionals new to your hospital or health system.
  • Request Local Assignments when you require consistent staffing.

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